About Intertia Energy

Inertia Energy sources the best manufacturers so that our plumbers have a good range of options to offer their clients. There are five types of water heaters that we source for plumbers:

  • Rooftop Solar systems- tank and panels on the roof
  • Split systems- tank on the ground and panels on the roof
  • Solar Heat Pump systems
  • Standard Electric units
  • Instantaneous Gas units

We believe that the relationships that plumbers develop with their clients are very important, and plumbers need to be supported in their efforts to provide the best service to their clients. This means that the plumbers are able to attend a call out and have all of the information that they need for a quote on their phone or tablet so that the customer can get on with what they are doing and the plumber can arrange to start the job promptly without any delays. This higher level of organisation is a big component of winning quotes more often for successful plumbers.

To be able to provide a high level of service for their clients, plumbers need to know:

  • comprehensive details of the products that they are recommending
  • current and accurate pricing on the products with no surprises
  • accurate costs and timing of deliveries to site
  • confidence that products are delivered to site without damage
  • warranty issues are sorted out with a minimum of downtime
  • warranties on products are realistic and mostly surpassed

What are the benefits of working with Inertia Energy?

As some manufacturers get bigger the management of the product becomes more complex and they lose touch with plumbers at the coalface. We choose to deal with smaller companies where we can talk directly to staff at the business who can give a straight answer, who can resolve issues promptly and who remember what is involved installing a hot water system. Plumbers today do not have the time to be sorting out administration issues that take them away from their core work: providing a stellar service to their clients. They need things to run smoothly in their day so that they can maximise their billing hours.

Why is our storage in Lismore?

Lismore is a freight centre and this means that stock moving out to site from this point is only an hour or so of driving time in any direction in the area. The freight company that we use to move stock picks up from the manufacturers in Brisbane and Sydney and also delivers to plumbers on site. This means that they take a bit more care with the products and they know a bit more about the stock and how it fits together:  there is no double handling of the stock, which also saves money.