We have been talking to plumbers a lot recently about Solar Skylights and these images from Byron Hot Water are going to give you a better idea about what they are all about. Essentially the process goes:

  • have a good look at where the light is going to be mounted to determine the right model for fit (these are bright lights!)
  • mount the solar panels on the roof- James has mounted two panels side by side on this roof
  • run the cable under a ridge cap or under a tile
  • run the cable to where light will be
  • cut out the plaster and fit the light and plug in the cable to the back of the light using the template supplied

These are a very fast unit to fit, so if you have a few on board you can show the client, fit the light in between some other work and be their new best friend! The images below show you just how effective these lights are. In a large room, they literally turn night into a very well lit day. You can find out more about these units here