James from Byron Hot Water sent through some images of his latest Sanden Eco® Plus Hot Water Heat Pump System installation. The images show a few things…

-everything lines up
-all the hot water copper is lagged (covered in foam insulation) to prevent heat loss
-you would invite him to doing plumbing work at your place!

Heat pumps are not for everyone. Some plumbers dismiss them out of hand as they don’t see the value in them. Other plumbers like James get very excited about heat pumps as when they are installed correctly and checked over, they run without issues for years on end as the most efficient hot water heaters on the market.


We are pretty fussy about the plumbers that install Sanden heat pump systems as we don’t want to hear back from customers not impressed by installations at their home. We love hearing from happy customers who chose a Sanden system who are surprised by performance of the system to heat their hot water and the lack of noise.

There is a great saying in Trades circles…

“Do it once and do it well”

And that is what is on display here!